The Almain
"We must strive to uphold valor, order, and law - to be the beacon of hope that inspires all of Amalur."
-King Vangoldt the Great, at the Liberation of Myria


[edit] Description

The Almain are the ambitious and highborn humans that reside over the Almain kingdom. With the help of the Lord of Order; Mitharu and their ever steady growing militia they have crafted a balanced and well maintained society. Their worship of Mitharu is what drives a lot of this societies actions and what they base their foundations on, from which they have built and now can flourish.

[edit] Attributes

  • Blacksmiithing +2
  • Alchemy +1
  • Persuasion +1

[edit] Patron Gods

Ethene: God of Wisdom and Art +10% Mana
Thyrdon: God of War +5% Physical Damage
+5% Armor
Mitharu: God of Order +6% Health
+6% Mana
Vraekor: God of Fire +6% Fire Damage
+6% Fire Resistance
Ynadon: God of Justice +10% Health

[edit] Politics

Whoever is appointed king or queen of Almain rules for life. They have many people of influence under them however, so it's not solely them leading the people. Most of the leading actually comes from the council that advises whoever is in power at the time. Because it's the council doing most of the advising, they are hasty to try for the title of king or queen, should it become available. The king or queen will also appoint the most prominent heads of the Almain households to govern the smaller cities throughout the kingdom. Yet again, there patron God of Order; Mitharu affects even the political side of this society. The Archon of Order, which is the leader of the Temple of Mitharu works in unison with the king or queen to aid in politics should their knowledge be needed.

[edit] Culture

The Almain and their culture is heavily centered around, like previously stated, their Lord of Order; Mitharu. The start of their culture starts out as small tribes usually made up of a few families which eventually evolve into the bustling towns with the communities you see today. The raising of these families, and the children within them relies heavily on the morals of fairytales for teachings. How "Almere the Bold" saved children from being taken into the night by an array of monsters. To the Almain, safety and power come in numbers. The two largest cities in the Almain kingdom, Port Myria and Valiance, embody what it is to be an Almain and display their pride to the world of Amalur. Because order and pride have such a big influence on this race, even the lower class citizens are known to have well kept houses fit for this kingdom. To pay respects to their Lord, they try and spread his word where ever they go. They have even went as far to establish villages in distant and dangerous lands in hopes to spread the teachings of the great Mitharu to those in turmoil. Because they are so persistent and determined, some people find their expansionist attitude less than appropriate, but they still respect it because it's what they have always done and will continue to do, because to them, the Almain, it's life.

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