The Dokkalfar
"Cast out the grotesque ogres who weigh down your cities. Let your people rise to true greatness."
-A Dokkalfar ambassador, whispering to her lover, Emperor Oromestes of the Kollossae


[edit] Description

The Dokkalfar (Pronounced DAHK-al-far) are a race sophisticated in the art of Magic and Diplomacy. They rely on their knowledge and alluring nature to influence the actions of others. Their network of spies and whisperers is as essential to the Dokkalfar as their homeland composed of Crystalline Caverns. Although renown for their subtlety, their charisma and insight somewhat compels all but the most hostile of foes to parley with the seductive elves.

[edit] Attributes

  • Stealth: +2
  • Persuasion: +1
  • Sagecraft: +1

[edit] Patron Gods

Aryilla: Goddess of Love and Beauty +5% Mana
+1% Chance of Critial Hit
Belen: God of Death +1% Chance of Critical Hit
+5% Critical Hit Damage
Ethene: Goddess of Wisdom and Art +10% Mana
Lupoku: God of Mischief and Patron of Brewing +6% Poison Damage
+6% Poison Resistance
Lyria: Goddess of Fate, Magic and Luck +5% Mana
+5% Magic Regen. per Second

[edit] Politics

By tradition, the Dokkalfar are ruled over by a monarch with a family heritage tracable back to the very earlies years of Amalurs life. This monarch, or sovereign, is advised by a counsil of mages called the Orbocant, headed by a particularly powerful and the most trusted member in the King or Queen's court, called Elund and holds powerful influence over the political direction the Kingdom takes.

After the Dokkalfar relocated their seat of power during the Age of Arcana to the Caverns of Daineid, the role of the Orbocant and Elund took a much higher stance. While the royal line remained strong, it became more ceremonious with each passing King or Queen and although the Monarchy is still strongly revered by the Dokkalfar, it is the Orbocant that hold the true political power.

[edit] Culture

By nature the Dokkalfar are skilled listeners and clever linguists and as such very few times occur where they find themselves lying, opting to cleverly place the truth to achieve the desired result. Those most wary of the Dark Elves find them most interesting to converse with, despite the risk of revealing more than desirable secrets. The Dokkalfar parley with all of the Kingdoms, be them ally or foe, and will gladly extend the hand of friendship to reach their goal. Despite this facade of likening the Dark Elves hold to other Kingdoms, their only true kinship is to their Light Elven cousins - The Ljosalfar. The deep familial bond unites them for eternity, no matter how different the philosophies between the two become.

Even at a young age, the Dokkalfar are taught pride and self respect. They are taught that each individual Elf is a representation of their Kingdom as a whole, and their disarming and if not provocative clothing is also maintained impeccably. The young Dark Elves that wish to venture outside of their own Kingdom must first complete the Rites of Introduction which evaluate an individual's integrity, ability to endure pain and perseverance in the face of danger. Once this rite is completed they will have the full trust of their fellow Dokkalfar.

[edit] Economy

The Dark Elves have a long standing history of surrounding themselves in rich refineries and valuable treasures, and since the degradation of their co-existence with the Ljosalfar, and their moving onto pastures new, their civilization has been nothing short of prosperous. The city of Rathir has become a signpost for travel and commerce in the Faelands, filling their coffers with taxes and tributes. Once settled in the Caverns of Daineid, they came into possession of a lot of Primere Crystal, a rich mineral that is able to channel and amplify magical energy in grouped quantities. The farming and selling of this mineral would become a solid foundation in the Dokkalfar economy.

Once the Dark Elves had found a way to maximize the crystals potential, they cultivated and refined it to a quaility un-achievable by the uninitiated. Reliant upon the prismere trade, control of this lucrative resource motivates much of their political machinations.

[edit] Magic

As with the Ljosalfar, control over magic within the Dark Elves is an inherent quality and influences every corner of their culture and civilization and its evolution over time. Despite their role in the Scholia Arcana and various other arcane societies, the Dokkalfar that are willing to train the lesser Kingdoms their magic will not reveal all of their secrets.

With the constant exposure the Dark Elves have had to the Primere Crystal, it has caused significant changes to their appearance and now look a direct contrast to their light elven cousins. Some claim the crystal also affected their minds too, which the Dokkalfar scoff at.

[edit] Religion

The Dokkalfar use the symbol of a crystalline ash tree to represent Lyria, Goddess of Magic and Fate, Wholly committed to their faith the Dokkalfar diligently follow the tents of Lyria and create elaborate, sensual ceremonies to honor her. According to Dark Elf legends, Lyria holds a hand of cards that can reveal all destinies. Inspired by their revered Goddess, they hold back the knowledge of fate with the idea that: "With knowledge contained comes power".

In accordance to the tradition of Alfar, the Dokkalfar also praise Driana, the Goddess of Nature. However, the Dark Elves see nature as much of a resource as any other and will use their skills to bend it to their will.

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