A Varani Male
"Varani society is a non-gender-based meritocracy. All roles aboard ship are valued, and while they may not all be equal, they are not without their place and purpose."
-Lexius the Old

[edit] Description

The Varani are a human clan known throughout Amalur for their proficiency in mercantile and on the high seas. Lacking motivation for political involvement in the war waged against the Tuatha and their leader, many Varani have found work by fighting in the armies as hirelings. The fearless and courageousness of the Varani has given them a reputation as go to allies for help in what seems like a hopeless struggle.

[edit] Attributes

  • Lockpicking +2
  • Detect Hidden +1
  • Mercantile +1

[edit] Patron Gods

Belen: God of Death +1% Chance to Critical Hit
+5% Critical Hit Damage
Lupoku: God of Mischief +6% Poison Damage
+6% Poison Resistance
Njordir: God of Water +6% Ice Damage
+6% Ice Resistance
Thyrdon: God of War +5% Physical Damage
+1% Armor
Vraekor: God of Fire +6% Fire Damage
+6% Fire Resistance
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